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Latest updates

04/02/18 The movie MONSTERS is finally ready for festival route

01/11/18 Aksel finished editing his feature film MONSTERS

11/10/17 Aksel is in Morocco shooting final scenes that required an actor to gain weight for the movie MONSTERS

10/02/17 Aksel started working on editing his feature film Monsters

11/04/17t Aksel is in production on a Web Series Pilot LOVE GOES

04/23/17 Aksel stared production on different cities around Europe. Madrid, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels…etc

03/04/17 Aksel started production on the show in Morocco.

01/27/17 Aksel wrapped today the production of his movie MONSTERS.

10/01/17 Aksel signed a contract to direct 30 episodes on an interview show with people who started from Zero & went to realize their dreams even against all odds. the show will be shot around Morocco & Europe. the show is called “ You can be like them”

01/08/17 Aksel started today production on his movie.

11/28/16 Aksel started today rehearsals for his upcoming feature film.

10/29/16 Aksel is holding casting call for his upcoming feature film.