Language: Berber/Tamazight
Genre: TV Movie, Horror/Drama
Runtime: 107 minutes
Awards: Best Screenplay, Merknes Tv movie 2014

The Killing Silence (2013)

Synopsis: The Killing Silence traces the story of a couple (Luisa & Samir) that live in Europe and are forced to go back to Morocco to be near Luisa’s dying mother. Luisa’s mother in her last moments reveals that she is not her biological mother. She gives Luisa a key and an address of a house in a village where Luisa will experience some strange occurrences, where she will discover hidden secrets about her family’s and her own past.

Cast & Cew

Directed by:
Aksel Rifman

Screenplay by:
Aksel Rifman, David Rodríguez

Abdelouhaid Zaouki – Samir
Ufrin Mustapha Azzarouali – Amar
Nadia Assaidi – Louisa
Naima Allach – Mother
Mohamed Amghtoug – Anir
Amaghtoug Rachid – Doctor
Louisa Bousatach – Old Woman
Benaisa El Mestiri – Construction worker
El Maach Taieb – Construction worker’s Boss
Sifax Boutkountar – Construction worker

Produced by:
Channel 8 Tamazight

Executive Producer:
Mohamed Bouzaggou
Aksel Rifman

Music by:
Medhat Hanbali

Aksel Rifman

Production Design by:
Joundi Hicham

Props & Costume:
Said Kadi

Ilias Lakhmasse

Assistant director:
Ahmed Rami

Makeup & Hair by:
Verónica Almendros

Sound designer & sound re-recording mixer:
Roberto Herrador