Aksel Rifman’s journey to the world of the film started when he moved from his hometown in northern Morocco to Spain to study topography and architecture. After realizing this was not his calling, Aksel decided to leave these studies to follow his dream of directing. He started by taking classes in editing, N&G camera, screenwriting, sound, and directing classes.

He went after that to direct 3 music videos and 5 short films between Spain & Morocco. In 2010 the Moroccan channel 8 hired him to direct 30 episodes of a single camera Berber sitcom “Where You Will Get Lost.” In 2012 while living in Chicago with his wife Silvia, USA he acted as a Cinematographer, Editor, and Co-producer of the web series “Last Laff” and a short film “Before The First Sight”. In 2013 he directed and was a cinematographer for his own screenplay of a TV movie “The Killing Silence,” for the Moroccan channel 8. The Killing Silence won the best screenplay in Meknes Tv Festival in 2014. Also, in the same year, he also directed 30 episode of the sitcom “2 x 2″ for channel 8. In 2014 he directed a short film “My Toys” and was a cinematographer in short film “For the Record”
In 2017 Aksel directed his first feature film MONSTERS in Morocco.